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Remote Services “New!” 📷

Beside capturing great photos, a very important part of photograph, is to color-correct and enhance the images. This help you remain truthful, but glamorous and charming at the same time.

Touching up a single shot, like a profile picture on your social media, or a professional portrait on your business account; or a sequence or photos, like a birthday party and other celebrations… you want those precious photos to transcend and become memories to last, not just for you, but to those that have the opportunity to see them.

By uploading your photos to your gallery on my server, I will be able to work on those photos and portraits from anywhere you are located in the globe.

Remote Services start from $250

pricing for this service will be set on a case-by-case bases.

With the social media and working from home, we interact with many of our new friends and coworkers by our profile picture. Headshots are something that we all need, and what better way that display the best side of ourselves, by a professional shoot.

From Professional to Social Media headshots and from Modeling to Acting profiles, we can cater a large range of options for a photography session of your choice.

Let's not forger Couples, Engagement and Family Sessions.

Each photography session will include up to 2 outfit changes, and will run for approximately 2 hours.

Cost start from:

Headshots $300 - About 25 individual photos.

Professional Portrait $600 - About 5 individual photos. Location staging included.

Group/Family Portrait $450 - About 25 individual photos.

This will include:

2 hour Photography Session

Digital gallery to download and share images


Events have the power to transform our lives, they always bring a message, sometimes events have the purpose to rise awareness, most times events are a motive for celebration.

A small gathering of people in an intimate setting to a large reunion of masses, needs a curated eye to be journalized its very root of nature that it is formed.

Events will take place in location. Depending on the number of people and the nature of the event, lighting, flash or natural light can be the main source to capture the shot.

Informal Event 

Birthday Parties, Engagement, Christenings, Graduations.

Up to 4 hours $800

Up to 8 hours $1800

Corporate Headshots and Events

Up to 4 hours $1,500

Up to 8 hours $3,000

This include staging, portraits in location, specialized lighting equipment...

What better way to celebrate a day of vows, love, and commitment than with friends and family on your wedding day.

Bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen getting ready independently to meet each other in the altar.  As the day built excitement, friends and family join together to witness the bride and groom exchanging rings and vows.

Follow this beautiful ceremony, the celebrations for this new union begins. Two separated lives now sharing their future as one. 

Having the appropriated experience to capture every special moment during this day, is what will make these memories to be remembered for the generations to come.

Wedding start from:

Up to 6 hours $1,800

Full Day $3,000

Available travel to destination weddings as schedule permits

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